Kickstarter Mastery 2022

How to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign and get your ideas validated and backed by thousands of loyal customers!

Online Business – Work from Home

This course is not taught by a marketing professional but by an accountant who now works online, full time

Quit 9-5 Guide to Starting an Online Business

Learn how to be successful creating an eCommerce business on etsy, eBay, Fiverr and Amazon FBA

Business Plan : Marketing Strategy for Business Development

Complete Small Business Owners Marketing Strategy for Startup and SME's. Business Plan for Business Development

NFT for Dummies

Crash course in the basics of creating and trading NFTs as a digital asset

Growth Hacking & Viral Marketing: #1 Strategy Growth Hacking

Viral Marketing for Growth Hacking! Proven Viral Marketing Secrets from a Growth Hacking Guru & MBA | Viral Growth Now!

Procurement & Supply Planning tools and techniques.

Learn how to Make purchasing strategies ,MRP, forecast, inventory policies and techniques to minimize supply costs.

Best way of Creating a Fundable Pitch Deck for any Business

Learn how ideas to be, brainstorm, evaluate, estimate market size, build fundamentals, learn & create best pitch deck

Fundraising: Ask and Raise Contributions for Your Charity

Fundraising: How to ask people face-to-face and on the phone to give funds to your charity, non-profit, or campaign

Startup Idea Validation

Verify if your Startup Idea is saleable using the Startup Idea Validator Framework

Startup Fund Raising

Learn how to get an idea about how much Funding you need for your Startup and how to acquire it from the right VCs

Startup Value Proposition

Document your Unique Selling Proposition, Brand Story and guidelines, analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

Entrepreneurship - Ft. Matthew Rolnick of Yaymaker, Groupon

Learn Entrepreneurship through Q&A with Matthew Rolnick who generated 10 Million in sales at Groupon.

Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training

The secret formula of McKinsey slide deck: The art and science of building persuasive business presentations

Amazon Publishing _ Your Easiest Steps to Online business

The Powerful & Profitable Method For Beginners-Publishing Low Content Books LCB on Amazon KDP-No Background Experience

Innovation & Startups: AB Testing Of KPI With Lean Start-Up

Learn To Grow Startups & Boost Innovation With The Lean Start-Up Methodology With KPI, Data, And Growth Metrics

User Story Mapping Workshop - Scrum Product Owner

Workshop to create a User Story Map. Agile Vision and Product backlog management. Advanced Scrum. Apply it right away.

Goal Setting For Business Leaders And Executives

Boost Your Bottom Line With Purpose-led, Research-Backed Methods And Techniques For Goal-Setting In The Workplace

Goal Setting For Businesses And Teams

Use The Power Of Purpose To Achieve Your Professional Goals By Setting Business Goals That Work

The Complete Business Etiquette Course - Biz Social Skills

Business Etiquette Mastery - Learn Social Skills - Social Etiquette - Business Writing - Business Communication

Course on Design Thinking and Product Development

At the end of the course, you will have a good knowledge on Design thinking approach that is carried out in almost all big companies and also the Product development strategies followed in there.

Startup Fundraising Master course - Raise Venture Capital

Understand the complete process from pitching to Angels investor to Raising Venture Capital Funding

Mobile App Business Ideas & Hiring / Outsourcing Engineers

Got an app idea? Learn to create or outsource your mobile app game, social or photo app business idea - Android / iPhone

Free SaaS Tutorial - SaaS Marketing Masterclass - Become a Top SaaS Marketer

Master the SaaS Marketing Strategies, SaaS Business Concepts, SaaS Sales Funnel, SaaS Metrics, Best Practices & more! - Free Course

SaaS Marketing, Metrics for Managers and Founders

Comprehensive Course on Software as a Service(SaaS) Metrics: ARR, Churn, Retention, LTV, CAC, Unit Economics