Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies to promote products and services.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

Master the basics of digital marketing with the free course accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.



The best marketing analytics tools

Coursera | Digital Marketing Specialization

Drive Customer Behavior Online. A six-course overview of the latest digital marketing skills, taught by industry experts.

DigitalMarketer | Marketing Tools & Training

Full-stack marketers predict the future by leveraging marketing data using the best marketing tools and training. Stay up-to-date with DigitalMarketer and see trends before they sweep the industry!

Master Digital Marketing | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

Digital marketing has dramatically changed how organizations connect with their customers. In this comprehensive learning path, gain profound knowledge of how social media marketing and SEO work, learn to use the right tools and techniques, and discover best practices in this field.


Inbound Marketing Course by HubSpot

You’ll learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing, from content creation and social media, to converting leads, and more.

ClickMinded | Digital Marketing Courses

ClickMinded's 7 world-class digital marketing courses will teach you exactly how to increase traffic and sales as quickly as possible.

FutureLearn | Master Digital Marketing

Achieve a competitive edge as you build your knowledge and learn up-to-date skills in the changing digital marketing landscape with experts Red Hill Education.

Masters Academy

Masters Academy is an online education platform for digital marketing where anyone can learn from the world's best on all digital business and marketing related topics.

Google Analytics Academy

Improve your Analytics skills with free online courses from Google.

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation MasterClass

Take your lead gen and marketing automation skills to a new level with VBOUT Academy

Digital Dojo's Advanced Course in Digital Marketing

Advanced Course in Digital Marketing is an online program that teaches you the core concepts of a digital marketing strategy, from plan to execution.

Google Primer App

The Primer app is a fast, easy way to learn new business and marketing skills. Take free lessons in the app on topics like digital marketing, creating a website, and building your brand.