Bookmark manager software saves and organizes web content and websites so users can refer to it later.

Create and curate content on the internet | Swpely

Add notes and visually organize your favorite blogs, tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and videos into a swipe file. Great for creators and curators.

Save Time on the internet with TabsFolders!

Save and organize 100,000 bookmarks in minutes, rather than hours with other systems. Browser Plugin for 10x productivity on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and other Chrome based browsers.

Qlearly | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Organize your bookmarks, tasks and notes by boards and columns -- A modern bookmark and tabs manager. I don't want to have 100 tabs open anymore - from a new Qlearly user. Stop wasting time looking for tabs or bookmarks.

Superdense - Bookmark Manager | A SaaS Mantra Exclusive

The most compact bookmark manager for all your browsers and devices with your team for just $25/One-Time

FYI | Content Curation and Publishing Platform

A FREE content curation and publishing platform that works by copying and pasting links. Create a personal website, promote your business and much more!

Dropmark - Organize, collaborate, curate, and share online

The smart way to organize all your links, files, and notes into visual collections. Completely private and ad-free, as always.

Better Than Bookmarks - Toby

Bookmarks are for books, not browsers. Organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one-click instead of seven.

All in one bookmark manager | Linkish

Watch youtube/vimeo videos, listen to soundcloud audio, see images, read articles and visit website links and much more right from one dashboard

Save time accessing the websites you visit every day. Go beyond bookmarks with our advanced dashboard features. Use across all your devices and browsers. At work, at school or at home.

Bookmark Manager and Start Page (Super Easy) |

All-in-One bookmark manager. Sync bookmarks across all devices and browsers. Set as a start page or new tab page. Organize all your bookmarks by categories. Add widgets like sticky notes, to-do lists, RSS feed readers, Clock, and many more.

Qlearly | Kanban boards for your bookmarks

Organize your favorite websites by columns and boards. Every time you open a new tab, your board will load within a second.

Wakelet – Save, organize and share content

Save, organize and share content from across the web with Wakelet. Save articles, videos, images, Tweets and more, organize them into stunning collections, and revisit them anywhere, anytime.